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Image of MobileBlackboard offers a mobile app for students. Note that this app replaces the previous app 'Blackboard Mobile Learn' - support for this mobile app ended 31/08/2017 and has been replaced with the Blackboard app. This app allows for quick access and provides basic functionality to:
  • View updates to course content
  • Take Blackboard assignments (not Turnitin) and tests
  • View grades for Blackboard created assignments (not Turnitin) and tests
  • Participate in Blackboard Collaborate sessions
Get the app
iOS | Android | Windows Phone]

Note - Depending on your mobile tariff, you may get charges on your mobile bill for data. If you are unsure about your tariff charges, we recommend speaking to your mobile phone network before installing. Blackboard mobile apps is provided on a 'use at your own risk' basis.

To discover more about the student view watch the video below:

Blackboard Lite
Under the student portal 'MyDMU' there is access to 'Blackboard Lite' - this is quick access to Blackboard module announcements, module content and Blackboard communities e.g. faculty sites. Note you can't submit assignments and view DMU Replay videos via this access, though a link to Blackboard's home page is provided to access a modules full features in Blackboard through a web browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.

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