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Your lecturer can leave feedback and marks for submitted assignments to Turnitin.Viewing feedback and grades for assignments submitted in Turnitin is set by your tutor who marks your assignments. Your tutor will usually let you know if you're feedback and mark will be available online in your Blackboard module where you submitted your assignment. Therefore check instructions for the assignment, the 'post date' in Turnitin (viewable when you submitted your assignment) - this date is when you can view feedback and your mark  for the assignment. Follow the steps below to view your feedback and grade in Turnitin:

There are two ways to access feedback in Turnitin from your Blackboard module - from the Turnitin link that you submitted your assignment or from the 'My Grades' link in the Blackboard course menu. Your tutor will advise how they expect you to access your feedback. Both methods are described below:

METHOD 1 - How to access your feedback from the Turnitin assignment submission link:

1. Access your Blackboard Course and navigate to your Turnitin assignment by clicking the ‘View/Complete’ link. If your tutor has set up a link in your Blackboard course menu 'My Grades' or something similar you may be able to access your feedback/grades this way too. As each Blackboard module can differ check this with your tutor. Your tutor will also advise when feedback and grades will be available. The below steps describe accessing your feedback from the link you submitted your assignment.

View information for feedback

Figure 1 Assignment List.

2. Select the 'View' button (if your feedback and grades is ready this should be a blue button). If the View button is 'greyed out' your feedback is not available to view yet.

Select View button

Figure 2 Select View button

Note - If the originality report has been generated you will see an originality rating (%). In the below Figure 3  this is 100%. (If you see a ‘grayed out dash icon’ your originality report has not been generated yet).

Turnitin inbox

Figure 3 Similarity rating

Turnitin have improved the interface for viewing feedback and viewing the similarity report which is referred to as the 'Feedback Studio'. This view has become the default from August 2017. Some of you may be used to receiving your feedback and viewing the similarity report in the previous format as illustrated in the image below (Figure 4) known as the classic view or document viewer. Turnitin have updated this view in the Feedback Studio and retains all functionality from the previous classic view with a few small changes which are explained further below.

This VIDEO produced by Turnitin gives an overview of what's changed and makes a comparison to the current view. Please note that the video mentions ETS rater which we don't use at DMU.

GradeMark Feedback Tool

Figure  4 Classic View Feedback

Feedback Studio Interface:

The Feedback Studio will launch open when you have selected the 'View' button, see figure 5 below which provides a summary of the interface below. In brief when Feedback Studio opens you are presented with your submitted assignment on the left and a layered toolbar on the right. 


Figure 5  Turnitin Feedback Studio Feedback

At the top level you can toggle which layers to activate. There are two layers that can be activated in the right panel:

- 'Show feedback layer' - when activated allows you to view your feedback
- 'Show similarity layer' - when activated allows you to view the similarity matches. Please note that the availability of the similarity layer depends upon whether your tutor makes this visible to you or not.
Select the layers you wish to view, note that you can toggle these at any time.

Activate layers
Figure 6 Active Layers

4. Select the top Activate layer icon as illustrated in figure 6 above

5.  To view feedback ensure the 'Grading' layer checkbox is checked.

Feedback layer

Figure 7 Feedback layer

Turnitin offers your tutor more than one way to leave feedback, from bubble comments left on your submitted assignment, 'voice' comment, a marking rubric to a feedback summary. Your tutor may not use all of these but you this guide will help you recognise the feedback tools used.

- 'Bubble comments' - Comments can be left on your assignment, these usually are indicated in blue, selecting on the comment will allow you to read these in full. See figure 5 above. Make sure you scroll down to view all comments on your submitted assignment.

As outlined in figure 7, other feedback forms can be accessed in the right panel:
  - A general 'Text Comment' can be left on the right panel of your assignment.
  - Your tutor may be using a marking rubric, if used this can be accessed by selecting the 'View Rubric' button.
  -  An audible voice can be comment, select the blue 'play' button to hear the comment
  -  Your grade or mark is visible on the top right

Note your tutor may not use all the feedback options available in Turnitin. If you wish to have a copy saved or printed of your feedback select the 'download icon' as illustrated in figure 7. Note that when your submission is printed that your bubble comments will appear at the end of the assgnment which can be cross-refenced to the specific section the comment refers to in your assignment. If a rubric is used you will be able to view the marks allocated in each criteria.

METHOD 2 - How to access your feedback from Blackboard Module Menu

Your Blackboard module may be structured to have a 'My Grades' course menu link/button. If so you can select this to access your feedback if left using the GradeMark tool in Turnitin.

1. Select 'My Grades' link from your Blackboard module course menu

2. Select the Graded tab

my grades view
Figure 8 My Grades

3. Select the 'View report' icon to access your feedback.

select view report link

Figure 9 My Grades - Originality Report

Follow guidance from figure 3 above in the first method which explains the feedback interface in Turnitin.

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